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Missionary work of the American Presbyterian Church started in 1833 from Ludhiana and spread to the other cities of Punjab with time.

Rev. John H. Morrison and Mrs. Anna William Morrison established a church in Lahore in 1853, naming it the Naulakha Church . Some minor alterations were made in the church building in 1891 for making it more spacious.

The last major renovation/alteration work was done in 1936 during the tenure of Rev. Thakur Dass.

In 2002 when Rev. Dr. Majid Abel was chosen to minister the congregation, the church building and the pastor house were in dilapidated condition. Renovating the buildings became a priority concern for the new pastor.

In September 2004 a project was initiated; which was later named " Face lifting project ". During this project it was planned that the walls of the church building should be strengthened and beautified from the outside. This project was completed in November 2004. During the last week of November and the first two weeks of December 2004 the same renovation work was done at the pastor's house.

Besides the face lifting project, another project was also underway at the same time; that was of coloring of the Church roof. This project started on 5 th and finished on 24 th of December 2004.

In January 2005 it was decided to have tile flooring all around the Church building. This project began in January and finished in April 2005.

Though after all this effort the building was strengthened and beautified, especially the walls, but on April 2006 tragedy struck as one of the Church roofs collapsed. A swift decision was made to seek professional help and a survey was conducted by ZOR Engineers which confirmed that " all the roofs are in danger of collapsing and major renovation work is required". As this was not a small initiative so it took the congregation almost a year ( August 2006 - May 2007 ) to raise enough funds to initiate the work. The Ground breaking ceremony was conducted in June 2007 after which major work began. The following work was done

  • The side-wings were made more spacious. Consequently the roofs were completely removed and re-constructed.
  • New vestries were constructed
  • A gallery was constructed having the capacity to accommodate of 30-40 worshippers
  • Marble flooring was done on the stage
  • Benches were re-painted and polished
  • State-of-the-art electrical wiring work was done
  • A Sound mixer was purchased further bolstering the sound system
So far around 6 million rupees ($ 94,000/-) had been spent on this renovation project.

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