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EID Milan Party

Cake Cutting

Rev. Dr. Majid Abel hosted An Eid Milan Party at Naulakha Presbyterian Church on Tuesday, October 14, 2008.   People from different walks of life attended the program, which included members of the interfaith Peace Council, members of local Peace committees, Police officers, Lawyers, Doctors, businessmen, politicians, poets, journalists and religious leaders.

Rev. Dr. Majid Abel
The hall

The program was presided by Rev. Dr. Majid Abel.  Dr. Abel shared in his opening speech that Naulakha Presbyterian Church has served this land for over 150 years beyond the boundaries of religion and it continues its legacy.  He also emphasized that historically Islam and Christianity share a lot that can be the cause of them living together.  The history of our friendship starts right from the time of dawn of Islam.

Among other speaker were Dr. Kanwal Feroze, Mrs. Nasreen Anjum Bhatti, Mr, Nasir Zaidi and Mr. Karamet Bukhari., Mr. Ameer-ul-Azeem, Mr. Azmat Ullah, Allama Amjad Alvi, Qazi Waqar, Mr. Arif Chaudary, Prof. Shabeer Anjum, Mr. Babar Abassi, Mian Mateen, Advocate Zia-ul-din Ansari, Dr. Munawer Chand, Mr. Cedric Wasim Shah and Mr. Arthur Wilson.

The program was closed with a prayer led by Dr. Abel and a leading Muslim religious leader followed by dinner.

Dr. Munawer Chund
Welcoming guest
Joint prayer
Joint prayer

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