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- Outreach Ministry Project
 a. Education
 b. Evangelism
 c. Health
 d. Inter-faith harmony
 e. Social Concern Seminars

- Sunday School
- Prison Ministry
- Women fellowship
- Youth fellowship

Outreach Ministry Project

The outreach project was initiated with a vision in mind of reaching people beyond the boundaries of the Church. To create a difference in the religiously pluralistic society in which we thrive a minority.

There are five major sub-parts of this project,

  a. Education

  • Making a system for provision of regular scholarship/opportunities to deserving and intelligent students
  • Starting of formal schools. This part is very much connected with evangelism as we will not only provide biblical knowledge but will also provide formal education, especially in far off areas
  • At present scholarships are provided to individual cases though a proper system is required and is in planning.

  b. Evangelism

  • Taking the Word to masses with emphasis on distant rural areas where there is lack of opportunities for people to know about Christianity; people are living in poor economic conditions and cannot afford a full-time minister
  • We have taken this challenge vigorously
  • The plan is to select a particular area, organize a congregation, build or arrange a worship place and provide/arrange a full-time/visiting pastor for religious education
  • As the congregation grows we also plan to open schools to provide formal education

  c. Health

  • As we live in a society which has literacy rate of just a mere 24% so majority of the population is not aware about health concerns
  • We plan not only to create awareness but also to provide health care
  • We have undertaken to provide professional and practical help to address health issues
  • Initially we have decided to educate people about the menace of Hepatitis, which is the fastest growing health concern in Pakistan
  • Seminars are being held related to health issues
  • A committee consisting of members of the congregation related with health sector has been formed

  d. Inter-faith harmony

  • In a society where extremism is growing; there is a need to take measures to build good relations among different religious communities
  • Church needs to play its role to create harmony and good relations
  • Sincere efforts are underway to develop better relations with different communities
  • Several fellowship consisting Christian/Muslim members are in operation

  e. Social concern seminars

  • Seminars are being held on current issues like empowerment of women, youth issues, family life, career counseling, etc.
  • During seminars the main emphasis is on finding solutions to issues instead of discussing only the problems.

Sunday school

Sunday school ministry is as old as the history of the Church. At Naulakha Church currently 200 children are benefiting from this ministry. The Sunday schools are operational in two languages, that are, English and Urdu. Children studying in Grade1 to Grade 8 are inducted in Sunday school. At present there are 6 qualified teachers who are extending great service to children through stories, singing hymns and tableaus. The main emphasis of the teachers is to build confidence of the students and making them ready for the Church.

Prison Ministry

Prison Ministry of Naulakha Presbyterian Church is collaborative effort with the Prison Ministry of Pakistan. We at our church level are not only sponsoring efforts for the betterment of the imprisoned; but are also creating awareness among the masses about the plight of the prisoners.

Quite recently the church sponsored in publishing a book about prisoners with the title “Life behind bars”. We also do frequent visits to jails to share the Word. Financial and legal help is also provided to poor and the needy. Special lunches are organized for Christian prisoners on Christmas and Easter.

Women Fellowship

As the name implies this ministry is related with the Women members of the congregation; a very vital platform to bring about change. The major activities of this fellowship are hospital visitations (taking food for poor patients), organizing Scripture memorizing and Psalm singing (I.D. Shahbaz singing competition) competitions.

Youth Fellowship

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