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The American Presbyterian Church ( A.P. Church ) of United States sent its missionaries, Mr. & Mrs. John C. Lowrie and the Reeds family to Ludhiana , now in India , in 1833-34. With Ludhiana being their mission center they began to spread their work in the adjoining cities and villages.

They were followed by Rev. John H. Morrison & Mrs. Anna William Morrison, who came specifically for the purpose of establishing a church. Mr. Morrison after much prayer and planning called a meeting at his house on September 21, 1853; finally the decision was made to organize a church, which was later named Naulakha Church.

The name " Naulakha " is a combination of two words 'Nau' (Nine) and 'Lakha' (worth a hundred thousand), meaning " worth nine hundred thousand ". The Mughal prince Karan, the brother of the great Mughal emperor Hamayun, built a palace and called it Naulakha because it is said that he spent nine lakhs of rupees on its construction. Idiomatically, however, it has come to mean precious.

Rev. Dr. John Morrison (1853-1881) became the first and the founder pastor of Naulakha Church . Initially the congregation met for services and meetings at the pastor's house but sometime later a church building was erected. The first church building became too small and was replaced by a new building around 1853. Some more alterations were made in 1891-92. Finally the church building was extended to shape its present look in 1936 by Rev. Dr. Andrew Thakur Dass.

The subsequent pastors of Naulakha church were,

  1. Rev. Dr. John Newton (1818-1891)
  2. Rev. Puran Chand Uppal (1891-1897)
  3. Rev. Talib-ul-din (1897-1918)
  4. Rev. Dr. Andrew Thakur Dass (1918-1958)
  5. Rev. A. A. Sclorholtz (1958-1960)
  6. Rev. Edgar M. Khan (1960-2001)
  7. Rev. Dr. Majid Abel (2002-present)
During the tenures of Rev. Talib-ul-din and Rev. Dr. Andrew Thakur Dass, the Church developed into the largest Protestant Church in the Punjab . Rev. Edgar M. Khan continued in the same legacy.

Presently, Rev. Dr. Majid Abel (January 1, 2002 - present) is serving the church. The Naulakha Presbyterian Church is still leading from the front. Many opportunities lie ahead of us. Today, the Church, with a membership of 2000 continues to be a full of life place of service and dedication.

Naulakha Presbyterian Church has been serving the Lord for 154 years now. We are about to make another milestone of completing 155 years of service to our Lord and to the community in a diverse manner. Ever since its inception this congregation has played a significant role by producing church leaders, educationists, doctors, teachers, professors, nurses, engineers, artists, etc. This church has also done well in maintaining a sound ecumenical relationship with churches as partners in the kingdom building for our Lord. The whole congregation is determined to continue the same zeal and fervor. We look forward to a stronger mutual relationship and ministry in the days to come.

Even with our long history, one thing that has not changed about Naulakha Presbyterian Church is the spirit of all who worship here. We are common people trying to make a difference, trying to work for the kingdom of God . You are invited to join us.


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